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Ningbo Bueno Import & Export Co., Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters in Ningbo, China, specializes in in the field of Truck Parts, we have continuously improved our products quality and service for over 10 years, have set up a complete and perfect quality assurance system and obtained Certificates of ISO9001,TS16949, E-MARK, GREENING, SABS. Both the company and our suppliers utilize the advanced treatment technology, as well as the first class production and testing equipment to produce top quality parts. We have established a quality inspection center and equipped it with advanced testing and inspection devices to guarantee the stability of our products. In addition, the company built a research and development center. It's our permanent commitment to our customers to continuously develop innovative products. We supply training projects to suppliers in production process improvement and quality control, which guarantees our products quality. All the products have to be sent to our warehouses for re-inspection and repack. We have also improved our logistics facilities and expanded our warehouse capacity to 8000 square meters to ensure our fast deliv...



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